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Hello. I'm Zophar. I write music. I do art. And I animate. The DAWs I use are Auxy, and FL Studio! But besides that, I'm just a dumb old kid who writes music, follows random people, and writes on the bbs!

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Some MAJOR Changes

Posted by Zophar - July 22nd, 2018

Okay. I've been getting banned a lot lately. It's really not going to do me good if I want to get promoted on NG. I need to stop this. Recently, I got my second ban from uploading audio because my two remixes I made, had the vocals in them, and I didn't pay the record label, so they were taken down. I was also banned from the bbs for five days, and I can guess why. I just wanted to write random things (aka spamming) so that I could up my posts. Why? Because I feel so pewny with only 600 posts comapred to everyone else who has like 2,000. But then my brother @VexVirus got banned from the audio portal too. The reason why? Someone thought we were the same person and thought that I was trying to rescout myself with his account. I wouldn't tell him to scout me. He can if he wants. And then that also leads to his scouting privlages taken away. I don't know if he'll ever get them back. You see, my brother is a HUGE GD player, and once he found out you can make your own songs and get them into GD, he started up. There's no reason to ban him. He's never stolen a song. I know this because he doesn't know how to upload a song. He's not a computer guy, when I am. So he gives me his computer and tells me to upload it. So that is how. My brother has many dreams. He wants his songs in GD, he wants one of his levels featured. He wants to be a level 60 on NG when I told him about it. So he's been trying to do it every day. And yet, his dream is crushed because after being unscouted, his songs will never be in GD again. My brother is heartbroken by the situation and he's been really upset. I don't want my wrong actions to hurt him. @NekoMika and I are working on solving this problem. Hopefully my brother will be happy again. I don't know guys. Tell me what you think of my plan that I mentioned in the beginning.


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I already resolved the issue with him, not sure what you are talking about. The ban on his account has been removed and he was rescouted.

But DOES he get his scouting privileges back?

When you're scouted, you are able to scout.

So, he doesn't get to scout anymore? Or did you word it wrong by meaning to say: "he's able to scout."

He IS able to scout.

Ok good!

i am so sad that this happend to you guys especially for your brother. mabey you can ask Tomfulp for help about this and i hope you can get everything back to normal. i wish you three the best of luck to be honest and i hope everything will be fixed soon.

It's basically fixed now.