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Hello. I'm Zophar. I write music. I do art. And I animate. The DAWs I use are Auxy for mobile, Logic Pro X, Soundtrap, IMMS, and Bandlab! But besides that, I'm just a dumb old kid who writes music, follows random people, and writes on the forums!

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Zophar's News

Posted by Zophar - 1 day ago

Uh. I got banned. For seven days. So... I won't be uploading anytime soon.


Posted by Zophar - 3 days ago

I just released Formation. I now have zero melody ideas. Anyone wanna collab?

Posted by Zophar - 6 days ago

So I recently got IMMS. And I like it better than auxy. I have more freedom with it. So yeah. I'm not going to be uploading like crazy. I'm probably going to upload two or three songs a week. We'll see.



Posted by Zophar - 8 days ago

2 years, and 138 fans later, I'm at this point! Today is my two year anniversery on NG! I just want to thank everyone whose been following me. I want to greatly thank these people: @TheSharkBite, @VarsityCreations, @MRM3, @DashSlayer25, @CreeperX3sssBOOM, and there are a few others, who have been supporting me a lot lately. I just want to thank you all for your great amount of support!

Also, I'm PLANNING on doing a 150 QnA. So, if you have any questions, ask them. You can ask TWO questions! I won't start until at least five people have asked me questions! Two people already have! Comment them bellow!

Posted by Zophar - 11 days ago

Hey guys!

I'm almost at 150 fans. I wanted to do a QnA! So, ask whatever questions!


Posted by Zophar - 13 days ago

I feel like a bunch of you are commenting on every single one of my songs, but i never comment on yours. There is a reason why. I have 133 fans. When you guys have ~20. So, I can expect a lot of comments. I know I don't have the time to get to all of you, so I'll try to do one of your songs every now and then. But I also follow so many people that it's hard to tell when you release something new. Like in the "Latest Friends and Favorites" on the front page, I'm never able to see your things because I follow 1,000+ people. A new submission comes in like every five minutes. And I'm not on NG 24/7. So, I won't be able to see your new submission. So, just letting you know.

Posted by Zophar - 2 weeks ago


To Town Watch!!!


Posted by Zophar - 2 weeks ago

I got higher than 1,000 ranks on bruh.io OMG!!!!!!! I never thought I would bet there. Anyway I only play bruh for like an hour a day, since bruh 2.0 came out. But yeah, I have 154 wins, so let's go!5959098_153049047441_Image2018-07-01at8.10.20PM.png


Posted by Zophar - 2 weeks ago

These images that I took will not load. :(

So, I've been working on it for about two hours every day. It's a lot of organizing. I'm currently working on claps because claps are not easy to make. Sorry if when you get it the claps are crap. I'm having a hard time making them. I also use a $50 mic and it's okay, but it doesn't pick up me clapping my hands very well. But every day my goal is to at least make 5 - 10 sounds.

I've also been working on some names for certain drum presets. Here are some names I came up with. If you guys want to create some names, then go ahead. Just make it something simple.


I also would like to mention about this is that I'm not really going to be doing much else than kicks, snares, claps, and hihats. The reason being is becasue I cannot do so many sounds. I will do a few of others. Besides the claps, the Toms were really hard to make, so I'm only making two toms, and they're trash. If you see in this picture that I'm not going to really be going anything else besides those four.


Also, if you guys don't know, I play a game called bruh.io. I'm pretty good at the game. Here are my stats:


(Sorry, stats wouldn't load. But my rank is #1644 and I have 117 wins)

Yesterday I was on a killing spree! I took this screen shot when I was killed and I was so shocked that I was this good. In the end I got 9 wins and 28 kills. The funny thing is @MutantNebula started playing and he's at rank 290,000. So this tells you how good I am.


The drumpack is going a lot faster than I thought. I should have the trailer out sometime in July. I should finish this by September. That's all you really need to know.

- Zophar (2018)

Posted by Zophar - 3 weeks ago

I've been making a lot of progress. I've made about ten sounds and each sound takes about five minutes. Don't expect a lot of songs from me for a little because my main focus is this.